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fashion-game and calendar 2021

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed the world.  On the one hand, all of us faced with limitations, border closures and isolation.  On the other hand, it became not only clear but physically apparent also that the world is global indeed.  Something starts somewhere far away and tomorrow it may appear in your home yard.  Country of origin no longer matters.  Borders between countries, between people, between your skin and skin of another person have disappeared.  We've felt it before, but never so keenly.

That is why we decided right now, during quarantine months, to realize this project, which was conceived for a long time. The project is a kind of art-game of fashion. “Raw materials” are closes, shoes, accessories from usual second-hand shop. These things of unknown people from nowhere become part of us, because clothing is like second skin, and now it becomes common for all of us.  There is no need to fear; we just have to learn living with this.  We are that people who wanted a global world without borders, but we forgot that the world of such kind cannot exist without rules.

“WE ARE THE ONE” is the calendar for 2021.  Each page can be used as a desktop image with a calendar for a month.

You can download the 2021 calendar for free here:

The project by Max Afanasyev and Olena Afanasieva.

Thanks for the "4 seasons" shops, Maxim Revega, Olexander Karpenko.

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