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Diversity for peace:

youth collaborative work for enhancing dialog, tolerance and mutual support between different groups of people in the South of Ukraine.

The South of Ukraine is multicultural region historically. Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, German, Swedish, Turkish, Roma people lived together during centuries (more than 130 nationalities). Due to the war conflict in Eastern Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk) the level of tolerance to “other” people decreased catastrophically. In local communities people with some differences (such as language, appearance, persuasions, convictions) are perceived as “enemies” a-priori very often, and young people are more vulnerable than others.


The “Diversity for Peace” project is directed to strengthening skills of young people in Southern Ukraine (cities of Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa and Crimea) to build dialog with local communities, to decrease the level of aggression in society, to promote tolerance, to respect and support diversity in society on the basis of understanding the principle of unity in diversity. In the frameworks of the project Workshops for young people will be organized which include learning/training course and collaborative work of youth as practical part of the workshops which will be resulted in 2 public events for local communities – exhibition (photo, video, creative works) and documentary play based on materials collected and developed by workshop participants. Each public event will be accompanied by open discussion with participation of representatives of local communities, mass media, local government, educational institutions, NGOs.


Partners of project:

The Kherson regional branch of Sociological Association of Ukraine



The project is financed by EUROPEAN YOUTH FOUNDATION

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