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Art in «Urban Garden»

«Totem» Centre invites you to the new urban art-location, where we organise series of exhibitions, culture events, artist talks. Our purpose is to present well-known and new names in art of Kherson, to form a cultural dialog, develop an artistic collaboration with other regions of Ukraine and other countries, to bring over young people to creativity and revitalization of urban spaces.

The first resident of Urban-Garden was Oleksandr Zhukovskiy with an exhibition «From hell to breakfast». During artist talk Oleksandr told about beginning of his painting in Belozerka near-by Kherson, meeting «Totem», evolution from naïve painting to contemporary art. In Urban-Garden  we presented the series of works, which was inspired by media-images such as Darth Vader, Bonnie and Clyde, John Lennon, Elton John. However, in author implementation of Zhukovskiy  they look ironically enough. «A cost of my art-work is my life!» - Oleksandr said, in fact part of his works is made on fabric using chlorine, and artist works without respirator, which don’t allow him  to «feel» the work and material. To share emotions is the main goal of Oleksandr as artist, and his pictures full of direct and clean emotions.

The second presentation was an exhibition devoted to creativity of Polina Rayko. Unique folk artist from town Oleshki (former Tsyurupinsk) near Kherson, which began to draw in age after 70 and for a few years turned her house into the real museum, was the friend of “Totem”. She remains our inspiration. In Urban-Garden we acquainted visitors of exhibition with her biography, explained the value of naive art. We did everything for people wanted to visit her house. So, it happened, and we already have new like-minded persons with new ideas and plans on popularization of art of grandmother Polina.

The next event will be exhibition of self-portraits of Kherson artists. By this way «Totem» decided to create a point of meeting of audience with those persons, who creates an art in our city. Self-portrait allows to know an author, and see him/her special manner of painting, and know how an artist sees his/her-self, and it will be cause for more close acquaintance and communication.

Art-events, exhibitions, opened lectures, musical and theatrical performances will take place on Urban-Garden till November.

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