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Site-specific performances in Hungary

August 27, 2018 in Urban CAD meeting «Urban talks: Kherson & l'viv» took place. Together with our partners – Business association “We Khersonians” we invited team from Lviv and city mayor Andriy Sadovoy to present their experience of development city strategy, because Lviv is only one city in Ukraine which designed and realised strategy of urban development.

A lot of professionals from architecture, tourism, business spheres, NGOs and ordinary local came to this meeting. We talked about strategic planning of our cities, revitalization of former industrial buildings, ecosystem of the cities, public urban initiatives and dialog between city administration, business and people.

Our guests and speakers:

  • Andriy Sadoviy, city mayor of Lviv: "Modern city: strategy of identity".

  • Oleksandr Kobzarev, director of “Institute of city”. "Successful strategies of city. Example of Lviv."

  • Julian Chaplinskiy, chief of department of architecture, main architect of Lviv. "City planning. Architectural principles of Lviv."

  • Andrey Moskalenko, deputy of city mayor on development. "Ecosystem of city. How to convert a city into brand."

  • Oleksandr Sladkova, deputy director of the Lviv “Institute of spatial development”. "How to involve inhabitants to making decision. Example of Lviv".

  • Lina Ostapchuk, director of communal enterprise “Lviv conference-bureau”. "What kind of benefits city gets from conference industry?"


After official presentations we participated in active discussions and got inspiration for the urban changes in Kherson.

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