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Site of specific performance. Kherson 

Site-specifics performance is a poetry of physicality in urban space. It is modern co-operation of human and city. Anybody could be a part of this kind of contemporary art. We made this unique experiment in Mishkolts (Hungary) in 2018, and now in city of Kherson (Ukraine). We got unforgettable experience. 


We started with lecture about site-specifics not only in performing arts but as instrument of co-operating with city. We showed all variety of site-specific – from sound installations to plastic etudes, from strange sculptures to gestures. We told about evolution of this art. We explained why some artists prefer not white wall of galleries but new «special» spaces. 

After the lecture 8 activists became the participants of training course of site-specifics performance in Kherson lead by Julia Artemenko, choreographer of the “Insight” contemporary dance studio. Psychiatrist, 13-years-old schoolgirl, house-wife, actress – all these participants were equal inside the site-specific group. the task was to learn to feel each other, move as one but use personality for interaction with city spaces.

The next stage were realisation and documentation of site-specific performances in Kherson. The group of performers worked on over 50 locations. Documentation was made by brilliant modern photographer Max Afanasyev.

Presentation of the results took place in open-space but of Urban Garden on July, 2109, Kherson. We not only discussed documented materials but involved visitors to be a part of performance, and it was really amazing.

Participants of site-specific performances said that this kind of art became a kind of “plastic urban therapy”, which helped not only perceive but accept the city in a deep personal way. The special language of unusual performances helped to talk about some problems of the city such as spontaneous garbage dumps, bad sidewalks, vandalism, homeless people and animals. Despite the site-specific performance is a very delicate and ultrasensitive art, it made us stronger.


The project is realized with support of the program Culture Bridges. It is financed by European Union, supports development of professionals in Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors and assist to their collaboration with organizations and individuals in EU.

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