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“TURBINE” generates new energy for Kherson

We announce the official start of large-scale project, which Kherson waited for a long time. New creative space "TURBINE" will open its door in 2020. It will be a common space, which will unite inhabitants of Kherson and bring together entrepreneurs, NGOs, initiative groups and active citizens to develop the city. “TURBINE” platform will create new opportunities for Kherson as post-industrial city and will promote its image as dynamic and pro-European city.


Three years ago The Center of Cultural Development "Totem" together with NGO "Business Association "We Khersoners" started to work with the idea of revitalization of former industrial territories and buildings in the city center. Open space "Urban CAD" (Creativity. Art. Development) was created; it hosts and generates more than 100 cultural, educational, charitable and social events each year. However, the main goal has always remained the same – to create “TURBINE” platform.

This year renovation of the former vent of machine-building factory begins. 1st floor and roof of the building will be repaired. The space of “TURBINE” platform will be divided into several zones, including the hall for conferences and exhibitions, seminars, workshops. The opening is planned for June 2020.

Business plan, crowd funding and investment proposals will be developed for sustainable development of the platform during the project.

We will involve the public during each project stage. You can join the next activities:

  • Opened workshop "Dreams in space" (June 2020). The aim of the workshop is to generate  and collect ideas to fill with life the creative space of "TURBINE". Together we will develop a common vision of the space.

  • The next step is competition of social-cultural initiatives for "TURBINE" (July 2020). Starting from the ideas of the workshop "Dreams in space", we’ll bring the best ideas into the life, will create new locations and zones of permanent activities.

  • Forum of creative industries (August 2020). Its goal is not only the development of creative industries, but promotion of social entrepreneurship and forming of strategic vision for "TURBINE" platform also. Forum will consist of lectures, workshops and master-classes of leading experts and speakers from different regions of Ukraine.

Access to all project events is free.

We invite you to follow the events of the project on our web-site or Facebook page and join in! Remember: “TURBINE” is not about the walls, but people. It is the great opportunity to build a network of active and innovative citizens in our city.


The project “TURBINE” generates new energy for Kherson” is organized by NGO "Business Association "We Khersoners" in partnership with the Center of Cultural Development “Totem” with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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