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“Red Line” site-specific performances

in Kherson

Site-specific performance is an artistic method of interaction between people and environment (in particular urban). The performers explore space, trying to feel its geometry, dynamics or statics, opportunities and constraints. Own body of the performer becomes both an instrument and an object and even the subject of the study. There is a simultaneous interaction with space and other people, spontaneous viewers, which sometimes become participants of performance.

In 2020, our new site specific in Kherson was devoted to the theme "RED LINE".


The red line in architecture and urban planning denotes areas of forbidden building – public land intended for pedestrians, green zones and street lighting, engineering and transport communications. It's commonplace, "artery" of the city, which provide free movement and comfort.

The red lines identified in the master plan of the city, which is available on the website of the Kherson city Council. However, they can not only see, but also feel. We feel discomfort because of kiosks (so-called SAF – small architectural forms) or spontaneous markets on pedestrian part of the street. We feel shame because of destroyed old buildings, ugly illegal extension in historical city center.


The project "Red line" is an artistic exploration of urban space, but not only. It is not only about external rules and regulations. It is about conscious self-restraint. Do you remember the conditions of quarantine? We need to keep social distance; we agree to keep the rules for common safety.

The red line is about the interaction with others, about respect, about welfare.

The red line is inside each of us; it defines the line that we should not cross.


The Red Line project is part of the Culture of Law program administered by the Cultural Management Center (Lviv), which is funded by Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Ukraine.

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