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“Terra Futura”

is looking for "Inner Ukraine"

In November 17-23 the 13th festival of contemporary art "Terra Futura-2014" was held in Kherson. The organizer is CYI "Totem" under support of the grant competition "i³ [idea - impulse - innovation] by Rinat Akhmetov Fund “Development of Ukraine”.

The theme the current festival is "Inner Ukraine". It is not casual by any means – because it is caused not only by the events in this country, but also by entire previous experience of the festival. Once we by means of contemporary art spoke about the problem of self-identification at the local level. This year the Terra Futura went beyond a local framework and suggested artists to reflect on what Ukraine is and who Ukrainian is in the scale of the whole country.


All what the artists could and wanted to tell on the theme was possible to see on four exhibition platforms – 2 small galleries, the private apartment and a big showroom of the shopping and recreation center "FABRIKA". If consider that there were 48 authors, and from different regions of the country (Kherson, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev, Nikolayev, Dnepropetrovsk and Sevastopol), a variety of the presented art reflections – in the form of photo projects and installations made of furniture - blows the mind.


By the way, the choice of the major venue was not casual either. Two years ago the Terra Futura festival took place in the building of an idle shoe factory, and then the Totem dealt with the European experience of revitalization – that is with transformation of the thrown buildings into the cultural centers and art platforms demanded by residents and guests of the city. In Kherson this concept was successfully realized by the shopping and recreation center "FABRIKA" which became for the locals not only a moll, but also the real cultural center. Here various exhibitions and film festivals are con installed in the "factory" space.


In other words, the cultural dialogue which was spoken about so much at the stage of planning the festival, did not just happen, but caused hot disputes and brought us to quite certain conclusions: the Inner Ukraine program is mega actual. Both for artists and for the audience. Actually, all of us together were trying to find out what this country is – from within. Investigating one of the most intimate things – home. Photo projects of the guests of the festival dug this subject so deeply that many viewers came back to them to understand why the author sees Ukraine just this way, by what his vision is determined and how the viewer is to treat it. We are especially excited by the fact that more and more locals are ready to participate in a very enthralling game – to understand messages and guess meanings. Or to think out their own ones –and this is great as well.


The installations made of furniture executed mainly by the Kherson authors is a bonus, pleasant and exciting the sphere of emotions. This almost children's delight felt by visitors enjoying bright pieces of furniture and obviously trying them on for the interiors, is the best feedback.


Here so, from different fragments the participants of the festival put the common Inner Ukraine. The picture unambiguously turned out very interesting. But it is only the first part of the 5-year program. We will be waiting for new discoveries.


You can see the works here

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