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Inner Ukraine

5-years strategy
text: Olena Afanasyeva
photo: Stas Volyazlovskiy

In 2014 the Totem developed the 5-year strategy programme which we called the “Inner Ukraine”. The main goal is to involve artists from different regions of Ukraine into cooperation in order to form vision of culture differences and similarities of life of “ordinary people” and thus to create common “Ukrainian” specific esthetic values through the prism of contemporary art and also tolerance and mutual understanding between different regions of the country.


The “Inner Ukraine” project is a kind of multidisciplinary investigation with participation of not only artists but sociologists, journalists, critics, etc. Basic objects of research are private spaces of Ukrainians. We will make an attempt to create a kind of hierarchy of values in the interiors; to find out some features they have (or do not) depending on the region; to feel a stereotype of «Ukrainian habitation» and ideas of Ukrainians of an ideal house (apartment), beauty, welfare.

All researches can be presented in various arts such as any kind of photography; making author furniture or constructions made from old pieces of furniture; virtual development of interior; “homemade” music and video, etc.

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