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In 2016 Centre of cultural development «Totem» found new partners for creation and development of new art-locations in Kherson – public organization «Business-association «We are from Kherson».



Terra Futura 2016
Totem Centre Theatre Lab

Theatrical laboratory is the separate direction of activity of «Totem» Centre since 2012. This group searches a new language of theatre, creates documentary plays, experiments with genres, and involves to the collaboration the most talented young dramatists of Kherson and modern choreographers. 

“Terra Futura” Contemporary Art Festival


The festival was started in 2002 as a local event opened for small art-projects and artistic experiments. The first festival took place in the village of Chernyanka of the Kherson region – this place is connected with history of futurism of the beginning of the XX century.



“Living History”: memory connects generations


During 4 years the activists and volunteers of the Totem Center collected documentary materials, processed interviews, organized meetings and discussions with soldiers of the World War II, prisoners of concentration camps, ostarbeiters (“Eastern Workers”), and victims of the Stalin’s regime, who live in Kherson.



Inner Ukraine


In 2014 the Totem developed the 5-year strategy programme which we called the “Inner Ukraine”. The main goal is to involve artists from different regions of Ukraine into cooperation in order to form vision of culture differences and similarities of life of “ordinary people” and thus to create common “Ukrainian” specific esthetic values through the prism of contemporary art and also tolerance and mutual understanding between different regions of the country.

СОУС (SAUCE) – South Ukrainian Culture – the web-site about culture of the South of Ukraine (Kherson, Mykolaiv, Odessa regions, and when the project started, including Crimea also). When we say «culture», we mean both professional art and an unrestrained stream of people’s creativity. The site is a virtual platform for exchange of information about events in different spheres of culture, presentations of independent and group projects, generation of new ideas and discussions.

Diversity for peace:

youth collaborative work for enhancing dialog, tolerance and mutual support between different groups of people in the South of Ukraine.


The South of Ukraine is multicultural region historically. Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, German, Swedish, Turkish, Roma people lived together during centuries (more than 130 nationalities).



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