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Welcome to Urban Garden!


In 2016 Centre of cultural development «Totem» found new partners for creation and development of new art-locations in Kherson – public organization «Business-association «We are from Kherson». Our actions based on successful experience of festival «Terra Futura» in 2011, which we conducted on the former shoe factory, and European experience of revitalization of former industrial territories. The plan of creation of Art-platform «TURBINE» in one of corps of machine-building factory was developed. Summer 2017 first location of “TURBINE” was opened – Urban Garden!

Urban Garden is the opened space for creative people. Location allows organising and conducting of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, lectures, presentations and creative activities of any kind. This is first real step on the way to sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities in Kherson. Art-platform “TURBINE” started due to the cross-sector collaboration among actors from the cultural, public and private sectors.

«Totem» Centre involved local artists to design a creative atmosphere, and together we made paintings, ferrous sculpture in the centre of Urban Garden called «The Last butterfly», and wooden installation on the wall made of old furniture, which is dedicated to futurists and their creative heritage.

We organise exhibitions, art and cultural events, meetings with authors in new format of “artist talk” weekly.  An atmosphere in Urban Garden is unbelievable! Moreover, new unbelievable impressions are ahead.

It is the first example of successful revitalization in Kherson, and now this project is realised by efforts of local activists and volunteers only. Urban Garden is the opened territory for culture and art, so, if you want to join us, to help or realize your own creative idea – contact us or simply be our guests!

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