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17th festival «Terra Futura»

2018. Modern poetry, star photography, art performances from South Korea, happening in Botanical Garden – it is 17th festival «Terra Futura». This year we remembered Vasilisk Gnedov –. poet-futurist, who lived in Kherson, author of «Poem of Gesture» or «Poem of The End», which hadn’t words and was read from white sheet of paper by one gesture of arm. So what is art gesture today? 

First time within the framework of festival we made poetic part together with literature-musical club «Poetic Shkaf», which united talented authors. 17th “Terra Futura” created and presented the «Poetic map of Kherson» (video) - 17 poets read their poems in different 17 locations. However we began the festival not with this video, but from the «Opened microphone» on the central square of the city. This day all people would read their poems, in particular public lyric poetry. This day the President of Ukraine arrived to Kherson, and exactly this day «Free microphone» turned Kherson into The City of Poetry.

Contemporary photography was presented by Serhij Mel'nichenko, laureate of one of the most prestige international prizes in modern photography – Leica Oscar Barnack Award. He involved to Artist talk students of his photo-school in Mykolaiv. Review of photos and discussion left not only bright impression but also plans for future collaboration of Kherson and Mykolaiv.

The key event of festival took place in a central city gallery – an exhibition of artists from South Korea and Ukraine. Cheongcho Li and Moon-Tae Meongseog Kim brought in Kherson their project «Two men dance with the brush». It was the first show of their arts in Ukraine. In the day of opening of Cheongcho Li played traditional Korean instrument, and Moon-Tae indeed danced with the brush creating large hieroglyphs. 

Art-works of the Ukrainian artist Svitlana Mikhaylova integrated to the exhibition very naturally. Svitlana was one of the first participants of our “Terra Futura” festival at the beginning of 2000th. Now the artist investigates own and collective memory, emotions, internal world of human. Her artworks combine a modern picturesque manner with Ukrainian traditional art elements (embroidery, pillows, toys). Svitlana presented a few series of works with general title “You and Me”.

Final events of the festival was organised in Botanical Garden – voice installation «Eternal words» and happening «Scraps» by authors Gennady Chernega and Svitlana Mikhaylova. Happening was made in a form of picnic, which visitors were attached to. All “evidence”, which remained on grass after picnic, authors barriered by ribbon and explained that it was the result of artistic action exactly. Also our artists and new friends from Korea were involved to make paintings of white shirts, which hung on a tree. The tree talked the words of kindness and love on 16 different languages, and it was so inspired!

Thanks for all for participation – and let’s meet next year!

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