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«Don’t take me off from my tree 2.0»  

text: Olena Afanasyeva
photo: Max Afanasyev,

On May, 21, 2016, in the day of Europe in Ukraine the second presentation of the play «Don’t take off me from my tree» took place. However it was totally new play, because after the end of the Workshop «Diversity for peace» participants went their homes to share new impressions, new knowledge and new experience, but they left in Kherson in «Totem» Center a lot of good interesting materials which were written by them during the Workshop. When we discussed the first documentary play with the audience we heard recommendations to repeated the play, because issue of connection of generations, variety and unity of the society was very important and actual for the people. Therefore on the basis of the collected materials new play was created. It was named «Don’t take me off from my tree 2.0» and it put new accents and new questions.


The “core” of the play was text written by Vitaliy Gavura. Art-director of the play Max Afanasyev turned this text into real “Hamlet’s monologue” with questions which are very important for modern Ukrainians – who we are? Why we have so many conflicts today? How we fell about modern Ukraine? And what way we have to choose for peace…



The project «Diversity for peace» is financed by the EUROPEAN YOUTH FOUNDATION

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